266 Suspension

We tune because
we ride.

We're just like you. We come into work Monday, already dreaming of tacky singletracks and climbs next Saturday and Sunday. That's what makes the difference. No marketing schemes. No infomercial sales pitch. We don't magnify problems just to sell expensive solutions.

We offer suspension tuning and bike repair services based on down to earth, truthful and objective testing processes and data acquisition drawn from hundreds of tracks, thousands of hours, and  millions of km's.


266 Suspension


We don't just understand your needs; we evaluate them and go the extra mile to satisfy them with a world-class experience. Our guiding principles revolve around honesty, integrity, and unbridled passion for what we do. We don't just provide customer service; we offer exceptional customer service. We don't just build relationships; we foster long-term partnerships built on trust and reliability.


Cleaning Services

We take suspension seriously. You wouldn’t roll around in the mud before heading into surgery. Your suspension deserves the same attention. No dirty bikes or suspension components will be allowed inside our “suspension centre”. Bring those bikes or suspension components in scrubbed clean, or we’ll gladly give them a bath.

Why all the fuss?

Suspension internals are highly advanced hydraulic systems with many small ports, orifices, low clearance sliding surfaces and expensive coatings. The more dirt, sand, and other contaminants that are allowed into a work centre, the higher the likelihood that cross contamination can occur and dirt ends up where it shouldn't be.


Fork & Shock dismount/remount 

Bring in your whole bike and save yourself the hassle. We’ll dismount and remount all componentry so you can drop off, pick up, and go ride.

Generally, dismounting and remounting forks take the same amount of effort across all makes and models. Shocks, however, can vary significantly. For example, KTM’s with PDS shocks (no linkage) take only a minute to remove. On the other hand, the Husqvarna, Yamaha or Sherco may require far more effort like swingarm and linkage removal or subframe removal to remove the shock.


Fluid Service

Maintenance saves! Changing suspension fluids every 20-30 hours is the best way to keep your suspension in tip top shape.

Suspension fluids suffer from two major factors, contamination, and heat breakdown. Contamination is a result of either outside debris getting into the suspension fluid, or as a byproduct of the internal parts wearing out.

The more often the fluid is changed, the less time the contaminants have to wear on the larger, more expensive components like tubes, or damping cylinders. R300 worth of oil seems like a deal compared to new R4000 outer tube that has the internal hard coating worn off due to excessive contamination.,

​Oil breakdown happens slowly over time, so as the damping characteristics slowly deteriorate, the rider is slowly adapting to these shortcomings. It's usually not until suspension is serviced that the rider realizes the obvious difference a little maintenance can make. 


Setup Services

​We’re all unique, and your bike should be too. Setting up your bike’s chassis with the correct spring rates is the first step in optimization.

Height, weight, skill and personal preference all play a factor in choosing the correct spring rate. Springs are not a solely a matter of making your bike feel stiffer or softer, they are a critical factor in maintaining your bikes proper steering geometry and handling characteristics. Headshake, harshness, wallowing, rut climbing/diving and general poor cornering performance are all issues that are often a result of improper chassis balance and spring rates.


Re-Valving Services

We don’t all ride the same exact bike at the same exact speed over the same exact terrain. Your bike’s stock internal valving may not be set up to compliment your ability, the feel you prefer and terrain you ride.

After a rider interview, we will modify the internal settings to create the best possible balance of plushness and bottoming resistance. Unlike the static resistance offered by springs (think load bearing), your suspensions internal valving setting provides dynamic resistance to absorb the wildly varying forces created by the terrain you ride.


Lowering Services

Restore your confidence in technical terrain with our suspension lowering service.

Internal modification is the only way to bring the ground within reach while maintaining proper steering and handling characteristics. Taking shortcuts like overly soft springs, lowering links and excessively loose shock spring preload can create handling hazards. Properly lowered suspension will ensure that your bike still maintains the margin of safety with the original bottom-out points but will reduce the chassis and seat height to make you more confident and comfortable.

​*Note, some of these services are included within another service type, for example; a fluid change is part of a re-valve, and is not an extra cost. Actual prices will vary depending on how many service types are combined. A specific estimate for your build will be a more accurate representation.